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Award-Winning Vendor Partners


AccountMate from AccountMate Software Corp. in Petaluma, CA is an intuitive, customizable series of Accounting modules strong with distributors and manufactuers, with advanced inventory handling features. We are an Elite Business Partner of Accountmate. 

Epicor, maker of Epicor Kinetic, is an Austin, TX company very strong with discrete manufacturers, distributors, automotive and building supply industries.

Sage Software, whose US headquarters is in Atlanta, GA, is a vendor with a varied product line of solutions, including Sage Intaact, Sage 300, as well as retired products such as BusinessVision and BusinessWorks.

Passport (formerly Real World Solutions) is a Northfield, IL vendor strong with Payroll and Point of Sale integration, as well as smaller manufacturers.


Epicor. See in Accounting.

TIW Software. TIW produces Alere, a series of process and discrete manufacturing modules that can easily integrate with your AccountMate application as well as their own Accounting package, and can use bar code scanners to track each stage of your Work Order's process. TIW is based in Easton, PA.


Maximizer from Maximizer Software, based in Vancover BC, has been a long time player in the CRM business and has been partnering with Chicago Business Software since 2001. While they recently switched to a SaaS business model, they still allow you to run the software locally should you prefer. Their interface is very intuitive and contains Sales, Opportunity, Marketing and Customer Service modules. 

1CRM from a Portage Cybertech company (formerly Sugar CRM) is a on premises/cloud CRM packge suitable for growing small busineses with integrated Project Management and Order Management.

Warehouse Management

ACCU-Dart from Executive Concepts of Toronto, ON can turn your company's warehouse into a mini-Amazon by receiving and shipping inventory with bar code scanners that automatically update the Accounting system. Works with Sage 300, Sage Pro and AccountMate.


Acronis is a Swiss global technology company, founded In Singapore, known for their automated backup solutions to the cloud, and now featuring other solutions such as cybersecurity, disaster recovery and threat detection.

Document Management

Ready to turn your company papeless? It can be easily done with M-Files, the document management system from M-Files based in Dallas, TX. Store all your documents in a secure document vault is as easy as saving files to your M: drive, and includes workflow automation, email handling and more. The program includes many integrations such as Salesforce, MS Office, Sharepoint and more.

Tired of emailing out your invoices to customers one by one? Docufire, based in North York, ON is a document management tool that will enable you to batch email all your invoices, sales orders, statements, purchase orders and more with just a mouse click. This add-in tool integrates with 17 different Accounting packages, from QuickBooks to Microsoft. 

A new product from Docufire has credit card integration, enabling you to integrate credit card processing directly into the order process and adding a "click-to-pay" link on all your customers invoices.

Chicago Business solutions is partners with many other software companies offering a variety of services and solutions. Contact us for your specific needs.

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