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Rosman Information Systems and Amazon to be Neighbors?

There's no wonder why Mayor Rahm Emanuel have been working overtime submitting their proposal and heralding Chicago's advantages in order to land the new Amazon headquarters. The proposal was submitted this Monday, and a decision by Amazon is expected sometime next year.

This is no ordinary corporate expansion; the economic value to the City is staggering.

The Chicago Tribune reports that landing this development would bring 50,000 jobs and $7.4 billion in construction-related spending.

These are the top 5 proposed locations being proposed:

  • A new real estate development called Lincoln Yards, along the Chicago River and Webster.

  • The former A. Finkl & Sons steel plant at Armitage and Elson Avenues on Goose Island

  • The hulking old Post Office complex over the Eisenhower Expressway as you leave downtown

  • The former Michael Reese Hospital site in Bronzeville

  • and the current Chicago Tribune printing plant complex right across the street from our headquarters!

Obviously, competition is fierce among competing cities, and Chicago is by no means a lock. Remember when President Obama and Oprah flew to Copenhagen to pitch Chicago for the Olympics, and it was a supposed lock?

But if I were a betting man I would put Chicago in the post position, based on one overriding advantage: location. Remember the rule of real estate: location, location, location.

Chicago's location near the center of the country, along with its proximity to O'Hare International Airport means items can be shipped anywhere quickly. That's going to be a difficult advantage for many of the other competing cities to match.

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