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Rosman Information Systems exercises every precaution in an effort to protect your privacy. Some points of entry on our website do not require any identification; while there are other instances when personal information is necessary to provide you with products and services that you have requested. This information will allow us to contact you if it becomes necessary to do so and/or to authenticate your credentials.

Rosman Information Systems will request personal information from you only if necessary. Usually personal information is in the form of product registration, service subscriptions, demo viewing, scheduling information, event signups, and/or like items. Typical information is name, company name, physical address, email address, phone number, language, and/or like items.

Rosman Information Systems also can collect information about your computer and the Rosman Information Systems application you are running. This information may be collected in instances where the customer's own Rosman Information Systems Administrator forwards information to Rosman Information Systems for technical support and/or quality purposes. Typical types of information may be: IP address, browser type, system type, domain name, etc.

How We Use Your Personal Information

Rosman Information Systems will use your personal information to deliver product, services and notifications that you have purchased or requested. In addition, to better support your understanding and use of Rosman Information Systems applications, Rosman Information Systems can forward to you information relevant to these products, services and notifications. Communications about product releases and promotions, special events, trainings, and news lines are the types of notification that will be sent.

Unless prior permission has been granted, personal information will not be furnished by Rosman Information Systems to any third party unless required to do so to comply with legal processes or unless required by law.

End User Access to Personal Information

Following specific protocol and security processes, Rosman Information Systems Customer Service Representatives can assist end users relating to their personal information. Technical Support personnel can assist end users with personal information and data relevant to supporting their products and subscriptions.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Statement, please email

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