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What It Is: TIW Technology Corp.

Company Headquarters: Easton, PA

Description: A modular-based package of Manufacturing and integrated Accounting modules.

Database Manager: Microsoft SQL Server

Customizable: Yes

Industries Used: Mostly manufacturers

Alere Manufacturing

TIW provides ERP software solutions for business clients who range in size from large corporations all the way down to small operations. They all rely on TIW because of the considerable experience that is used to develop sophisticated software designed to fit their business needs.

TIW's signature product ALERE is developed, written and supported with an internal staff of experts with strong business and manufacturing experience and a focus on solving functional problems that are roadblocks to companies. This is done by placing an emphasis on the details that make day-to-day activities run smoothly.

The foundation of ALERE starts with concepts which form a framework around which the features are developed. The result is a very tightly written product that has an unusually light system footprint with an easy to navigate ribbon menu that belies the depth and flexibility of the functionality.

The goal of ALERE is to work in a thorough and straightforward way that will make you assume every software package does what ALERE does, and does it as easily! 


Alere Manufacturing Available Modules

Bill of Materials
Work Order
Production Schedule
Data Acquisition
and more.  All modules can be customized.

Contact us to learn more how Alere Manufacturing can help your business.

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